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Here’s my latest instalment of Metal albums I think you should know about. This is my second post doing this, I got the itch again and it just had to be scratched. Since the previous instalment I’ve listened to quite a bunch more new and old albums and below are some of those that really stood out for me. Hopefully they will for you too.

Sorcier des Glaces
Ritual of the End (2014)
Genre: Black Metal
These guys are from Quebec and they sure know how to do this stuff right.
Black Moon Rising (2014)
Genre: Power Metal
Oh my goodness the riffs! I normally don’t like Power Metal but wow is this album great. I think if you are simply a music lover then appreciating this album is a no-brainer.
Bolt Thrower
Those Once Loyal (2005)
Genre: Death Metal
I’ve only recently discovered this awesome band that has been around since 1986. The riffs in here are just great. I will be exploring a few other albums (which have received some highly favourable ratings and reviews) from their catalog very soon.
Buried Death (2008)
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
This band is from Japan. The first song will either convince you or not, actually as soon as the vocals come in. That’ll be what separates you from liking or disliking this record.