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So, I love eggs. It’s true. A simple food, but so versatile! I enjoy mixing them with just about anything. Not only for breakfast, sometimes for lunch too. I’ll use leftovers in as many ways I can think of, depending on my mood and what my stomach is calling for!

Today I tried a new recipe. This was actually my second time making this particular dish, but I changed a small detail about it which I’ll mention later.

What I did was slice a piece of panettone (if you’re not familiar with it, it looks like this)

about 2 inches in thickness, but that’s really up to you. Then I cut out a sort of rectangular hole in the middle of it. Next, with a frying pan already heated up with some oil in it (or butter, that’s also up to you but I like using vegetable/canola oil to cook with) I put the slice of panettone in and then cracked an egg into the hole I cut.
I keep the heat around medium for this and I let one side cook for a couple minutes, then I use a large enough spatula to slide under it and flip the whole thing over. Once that’s done I’ll turn the heat off and let that side continue frying for another few minutes.
Before I transfer the whole piece to my plate, I’ll put some cheese down. The first time I tried this dish I used goat cheese. Today I used blue cheese (and I don’t skimp on the cheese either!).
Once I place the whole thing on the plate (I try to position the egg part right over the cheese) it’s ready to eat! Note that the egg, although cooked well, is still a bit runny. So if you don’t like your eggs that way this might not be the best recipe for you. You can’t really get the egg cooked completely because otherwise you’ll burn the panettone!
That’s it! To me it makes a delicious breakfast. I hope you like it too!