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So much music to talk about!

This week was a bit on the busy side. First, we have a few cool k-pop releases. Lovelyz’s released their 6th mini album Once Upon A Time. FTIsland released a Japanese album called Everlasting. Hyolyn released a new single called “youknowbetter”. Cherry Bullet put out a mini-EP with 3 songs called Love Adventure. All these are worth checking out. My least favourite being the FTIsland album, but it’s not to say it’s that bad or anything. I’m kind of on a certain wavelength regarding that band where I feel the same way about all their material. I think it’s decent but really what draws me to them is their very talented singer Lee Hong Gi.

I had a little pleasant surprise and a revisit of an album of Algerian pop by the famous Cheb Mami. His Layali album from 2006 is something I’ve always enjoyed ever since I first discovered it. It was nice to be reminded of it and to have found a good lossless copy of it.

Lastly, it’s about that time of year where I order a little bundle of CDs as my birthday present to myself. So I have 4 discs coming in the mail, and they are: Hannes’s solo album Auf Nach Walla (he’s the singer of Kategorie C. A German football / hooligan punk rock band which I really like), Pitbullfarm’s debut album (self-titled). It’s Swedish punk rock with a touch of rockabilly. Kategorie C’s Gott Mit Uns, their final album! The band is throwing in the towel after 20 years! Therefore, it’s an album with a special meaning for me and I had to have it. Then to round off my birthday bundle, a split from 1998 called German British Terrormachine featuring two bands. Whitelaw, and Aryan Brotherhood. It’s punk rock. Whitelaw is a British band that I like and have wanted to collect all their music. I have everything of theirs except for one album titled Kick The Reds In. The other band on the split, Aryan Brotherhood is one of Uwocaust’s earliest bands. He’s a vocalist from Germany.

But wait! That’s not all! I got word through the e-mail grapevine that one of Jugra’s albums (they’re a punk rock / heavy metal band from Myanmar) is being released on Pro CD (which is a fancy CD-R, basically). The album is Alif Ba Ta from 2018. It was originally a cassette only release. Anyway, super cool! It’s a limited edition of 200 and I’m grabbing myself a copy. So that’s on the way on a mule’s back as we speak. Okay, there we have it for today’s post! Take care!