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Recently I’ve delved into the task of finding translations for some of the foreign languages CDs I own. At first I thought, okay let me transcribe them and input them in an online translator (the lyrics weren’t online). Then I realized that there is such a thing as image translation (OCR) and it is actually pretty good nowadays, as opposed to years ago when it was barely around and of suspect quality.

I found’s translation tools for images and I’ve been making use of them with scans of the album booklets. It’s been working well so far! Hooray for that, and for learning about what these musicians are singing about.

Aside from that, this month has presented 2 notable milestones for k-pop in the Western music world. Blackpink performed at Coachella, and BTS performed on SNL! I’m really glad to see this happening. I’m also glad to see them not putting too much English language lyrics into the music to cater to our market. Blackpink tends to infuse more than your average k-pop group admittedly, however they are still majority Korean. Good for them and I look forward to see what else comes over from that side of the world.

I’m still eagerly awaiting lineup announcements for Montreal’s first annual K-pop Con this summer. Fingers crossed for G-Friend or Twice! Lol