Categories: music

Type: Album
Format: FLAC 16bit 48KHz
Genre: Free Jazz
Release Date: Tue Mar 26 2019
Running time: 1:02:13

  1. I’m Sorry To Interrupt You – 8:40
  2. But Your Head Is Down – 5:28
  3. Time To Look On The Up And Up – 9:52
  4. Things Aren’t Always What They Seem – 6:24
  5. Unless They Are – 9:20
  6. So Kill If You Must – 14:40
  7. Just Leave Me Out Of It Please – 7:49

This is my first release of 2019. It happens to be my first album length release in 3 years. All of my previous releases since then have been of Single or EP length. It also marks my first release in 7 months.

I’ve been sick and have had very little energy to do almost anything. I’ve never stopped playing though, even if it was for only a few minutes a day. There were days where I didn’t touch the guitar at all, but I made sure not to make that a steady reoccurrence. Bit by bit and with the help from a doctor I am close to full recovery. It turns out what I’m dealing with isn’t relatively serious, but still it was something that came on gradually and grew even more so that I ended up in a position which was quite unpleasant. I’ll likely be all well in the very near future and will enjoy some more physically demanding playing times.

The way I recorded this album was by doing one-takes each day until I had an hour’s worth of material. So each track you’ll hear is a recording from one day. I did this for seven days in a row. I wanted to do an hour long take but I just don’t have that kind of energy yet.