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I recently discovered, while fumbling through some backup CDs, many wonderful things. Among these discoveries were some especially wonderful things! I have made music under many different names aside from my actual name, one of them being Bubblegum Phantom. Unfortunately some of my work and much of the work under my other pseudonyms survive only in lossy formats (like MP3). This saddens me because back then I simply didn’t know any better regarding lossless files (such as WAV, AIFF, or FLAC) and proper care of project master files. A contributing factor to this was the high price of storage media back then. It’s not like today where 150$ can buy you 4Tb or more.

Anyway, so the extra wonderful part about this recent discovery was that the files happened to have been preserved in their lossless state! I forget the exact year I produced some of this stuff, so I decided to repackage it as 2018 releases. Maybe I am bias, but to my ears they still sound fresh and wild like they always did.

What I’ll do is link you to the main Bubblegum Phantom folder located on my Google Drive (remember that you can browse my other archives by following the link at the bottom of the Music page. I’ve made available everything I have for free download. There’s a lot of interesting and fun experimental music in there!). To hear the stuff I repackaged as 2018 material, look in the folder REDISCOVERED in the following link, and thank you very much for stopping by!