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As you may have noticed by the addition of a logo to my sidebar here, I have just launched a new distro and imprint and I’d like to share a few words with you about it.

My reason for doing this is basically inspiration and a nagging feeling of “Hey, me too!” after seeing it being done by others out there in the underground. As you know from this website, I’m a musician and a music lover who has always had a hand somewhere in the music scenes that have caught my attention over the years. Lately, I want to participate in this fantastic scene that is black metal.

I am starting small. I’m only offering one item for now and will take things one item at a time for the time being. The imprint side of this endeavour has yet to be fleshed out, but for now, please be kind to my new distro! I hope to be of service to patrons of true musical art out there.

The first offering I have online is: (CD) Selbstmord [2017] Radical Declaration [Darker Than Black Records, DTB 325]
You can order it from


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