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I love music of many types but it has taken me a long time to know for myself which genre or sub-genre is truly my favourite. When it comes to metal it is Black metal. This might even go beyond metal and simply be my favourite genre of all, but I don’t need or want to make such a proclamation here.

I am on a never ending journey when it comes to music, especially a genre as vast and dense as Black metal. Given it’s underground nature there is so much obscurity to wade through which gives me an added sense of enjoyment upon discoveries. Even within black metal itself there are so many strains and flavours and approaches that it took me a number of years to get a grasp on what really piques my interest and drives my passion for its exploration.

Furthermore I recently began paying more attention to the record labels out there releasing stuff. Thanks to a few internet friends and some communities I take part in I think I’ve got a decent footing in what to look for and how to navigate the waters, but I am always learning something new and I love how it is an ever growing monster that let’s you hang on only by sheer will.

I’ll name a few labels here, in case you’re wondering. First I’ll begin with something local, Sepulchral Productions. These guys (whoever’s running the thing) has given me a line to the best Black metal coming out of Quebec today. Then you’ve got some other reputable labels and distros such as Tour de Garde, Purity Through Fire, Goatowarex, Ancient Records (actually just a banner used by other labels to sort of umbrella under, ie: Mysticism Productions being one of them), Sigillvm Tenebrae, Ominous Domain, Shadow Kingdom Records, Under The Sign of Garazel Productions, Nuclear War Now!, and Northern Heritage. Just google them, you’ll find them easily. All these are worth perusing, they’ve got pretty solid rosters and will surround you like a sort of rabbit hole in which every direction you turn there’ll be something legitimately interesting and good.

As you might see I tend to stay away from the more “cleanly” produced Black metal, and I also prefer to avoid some of the more trendy sub-sub-genres such as atmospheric black metal or most any non-pure strain. There’ll be exceptions from time to time of course, but this is just a specification I am making to what my ears enjoy listening to the most.

I’ll leave you now with a mention and cover art to a recent release from a band that is making music that’s right up my alley.

GnipahÃ¥lan [2017] I Blodets Kamp… [EP]

Their EP is available on 7″ vinyl or as a WEB release through Mysticism Productions’s bandcamp. Just google the band + release name and you should have no trouble finding it. If you really want the audio files for yourself I wouldn’t mind sharing them with you if you contact me.

If by chance this release also tickles your fancy, I’ll mention an older band for you to dig into called Moonblood. They were a rehearsal only band and released 10+ albums and EPs on their own and through collaborations and splits.

Happy hunting!


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