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Hey yeah so I randomly thought about updating on my previous post about cigarettes. My current brand is Benson & Hedges Black. I wanted a full bodied smoke, after trying a few lighter ones like Camel Yellow and Davidoff Gold, which were both okay cigarettes. The Davidoff being the better of the two. Anyway B&H Black is a clean smoke. By that I mean there is zero chemical taste, which really is something to be expected from a pack that costs you 12.67$. But the tobacco itself has no dirty flavour kind of like in a Camel. It’s a smooth tobacco as well, no harshness. The cigarette burns nice and slow, I love a long smoke. I don’t think I’ll be switching brand or even experimenting with others anytime soon.

However, I am awaiting my first shipment of Kretek cigarettes any day now. I ordered only 2 packs but I was just trying it out. I watched a lot of reviews (r.i.p. ‘real cig reviews’ youtube haha) before choosing 2 varieties of Gudang Garam. I love that name! Hahaha Gudang Garam! I’m expecting the Professional and the Signature Mild. Funny because compared to regular cigarettes the mild is considered standard full bodied at 1mg of nicotine. I didn’t want to venture above 1.5mg so that’s why the Professional was an obvious choice for me. I was glad to have seen a great review for it too.

Happy puffing.



Jane says:

Hi, great reading your reviews I am travelling to Canada next year and smoke menthol 1mg cigarettes in Australia, what brand do you recommend I get / try

Hi Jane, you know what honestly as someone who does not smoke menthols I can’t recommend a brand in particular, however I can recommend that you avoid any menthol pack under 10$

Or, grab what you can get at the duty free! It’s the best opportunity really.

Kelly Mccormick says:

As of Jan 1 2017, menthal cigarettes are no longer available in Canada . Been banned they told me today when I needed to buy some.

Yes you’re right, I just learned about this myself. That’s unfortunate. I was never a menthol smoker, but I am sorry to hear you can’t buy your preferred smokes anymore 🙁 You might have to order them from outside the country. Try, I’ve ordered from them before and they are reliable, but shipping is slow because it is coming from Indonesia. There are however other stores online, much closer to Canada, that can probably sell you Menthols.

Tom says:

Unfortunately too, Menthols are banned in Canada now too. Which sucks, I stopped smoking for a while, now I’m back on and I wish I could get a menthol every other few packs.

Marie says:

After waiting a week to get my Benson & Hedges Black, I found out today they’ve been discontinued! Proposed substitute is B&H Prime. I don’t think so! Too mild, I’m assuming by the now longer filters in the king size!. Tried as well B&H Reserve, yuck.
What substitute do you propose (in Quebec)? Have not tried anything else since my Craven As have been replaced by B&H Black. 🙁
Thank you.

I’ve still seen some Craven A around.

But as for a good substitute, I feel for you because the Blacks are good however I find them to be a bit hard on the pull. They do burn nice and long though, but lately I haven’t been appreciated of THAT long a burn.

I’d recommend Camel Filters, or Dunhill. Those 2 brands will be a pleasant switch if you are used to B&H Black.

Irene Pradyszczuk says:

Hi there…I was just wondering if cigarettes (ie. premium brand Rothmans Blue) cost the same everywhere… or do certain stores sell them cheaper? I am in Ontario and want to buy some for a Christmas gift for my sister. I can’t find the answer online and I don’t smoke anymore..thanks!

Yes, they should be the same price everywhere in canada however it is not always the case. Ontario tends to have a slightly higher price than QC, so if you are used to out-of-Ontario pricing then prepare for maybe 2-3$ more per pack.

Nicholas Simard says:

My wife smokes Benson Hedges slim whites. I think they are great for something that is light. I dont dig the slim aspect for myself lol. Do you know if they make that cigarette but in a non slim?


Try Benson & Hedges Gold. You might like those.

sheila A says:

I used to smoke avanti and they were discontinued, then vogue rouge and now same storey again discountinued!!! Any recommendations?almost giving up.. didnt like the dumurier distinct. . I am so desperate. Thanks

Avanti and Vogue are more in the budget brand category. Try: Number 7, anything from Players and see if you like their style, MacDonald, Quebec Classique. Those brands are all in the same range / category as Avanti.

sheila A says:

Thank you! Will try them. Best regards

Arsalan says:

Been smoking belmont large king for the past 4 years and i love the way it taste. Just looking to mix things up what would you suggest as my next brand to try. Im paying $14 for a 25 here in ontario.

Hi, okay in that price range you should give Dunhill, Benson & Hedges Black (full bodied) or Gold (regular to slightly on the lighter side), Davidoff Classic, or Camel Filters a try.

Tom says:

I’m kinda stuck right now with what to smoke. I’ve usually smoke Marlboro Reds, but I’ve found them too harsh on my throat and chemical tasting. Today, I bought a pack of Du Maurier Distinct Blues which I find to be a lot smoother, but have almost no flavor for me and burn way too fast.
I am interesting in something that is full bodied and has little to no chemical taste, and if possible not be too harsh (I can handle a little, but Marlboro Reds have become way too harsh because of the chemicals). Any recommendations?

Gabe says:

Hey Agostino great website!
What might you suggest for a slim/non slim B&H super slim black replacement. They changed the packaging along with the flavour!!
I’ve tried super slim white and Macdonald superslim blue and don’t like them. I’m mainly focussed on the taste so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi Gabe, thanks for visiting. Actually I have quit smoking and no longer have any interest in making recommendations on brands. 🙂 I hope you find what you’re looking for, and perhaps enjoy some of the other stuff I offer on my site here. Ciao.

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