Categories: music

agostino scafidi

Release type: Album

Runtime: 35:52

1. Badass Flow
2. You Don’t Know
3. Before I Kill
4. Serious Business
5. You Think I’m A Robot
6. Keep It Coming
7. This Is Goodbye

This one took a little more out of me because I don’t usually incorporate vocals like this. I was really inspired by a lot of things culminating into making me want to do this again. It would be hard for me to even point out all the factors that contributed to Badass Bitch being born. As for “again”, well about 6 -7 years ago I dabbled in the world of hip-hop for a minute and that experiment still fills me with a fond nostalgia. Of course that foray would be one of the deciding factors to undertaking this endeavour. Anyway, I give you 7 tracks, there is some free improvisation guitar in here as well, but everything else was built in Ableton.