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agostino scafidi

Sidekick and Ugly [single] [june 8 2015]
01 – Sidekick and Ugly – 04:57

Genre: Spoken word, free improvisation, guitar
Instruments: Blue Snowball mic, Godin LG, Ableton Live, Smokey Amp


Do you want something?
Need something?
Go find it somewhere else.
I wouldn’t even know what to do myself.
I have an idea of how to go about it, but the prospect is dreadful.
Let’s be negative, because sunshine is so boring and predictable.

What’s so good about it anyway?
About what?
Whatever you want.
Whatever you say.
Give me a story to escape into
because I’m bored and restless.

All I want is well,
I wish nothing but safety,
Happiness and smiles.

Seeing you go brings worry to me always,
I send my spirit with you,
I’ll be your helper.

I doubt I could care for anyone as much as you,
To succeed and be treated rightly.

I miss you as quickly as you go, intense as my concern.