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A great software for Mac OS maintenance / cleaning.

I am writing this little piece about Onyx because I think many Mac users probably don’t run any kind of periodic maintenance. This little program does wonders and it’s very simple to use. It’s also free.

I’m going to include some screenshots to show you specifically what you should run once you install it. The program does offer even more options but I only use a few of them and ignore the rest due to simply not needing them.

Important: Before commencing Onyx I would recommend you learn how to Reset your SMC and Reset your PRAM because this will be your final step and you won’t have a chance to refer to these webpages. These two procedures don’t have anything to do with Onyx itself but I recommend this anyway since it is just good for the computer after running maintenance scripts. I would recommend you reset the SMC first this way when you power up you can reset the PRAM and then proceed to boot up normally.

After entering your password, you will see:

Note: Since you’ve probably never run Onyx before, all these steps are recommended. However for future maintenance runs, I’d recommend just going straight to the Automation tab as it will cover all the important things in one go.
To begin, go to the Cleaning tab. I recommend you run each of the following procedures, with checkboxes selected as shown and skipping the last one “Trash” because all that does is empty your trash traditionally, or securely. So just empty your trash and that takes care of that, in my opinion. Important: If you have an SSD hard drive do not use the Trash utilities in this app. Onyx will warn you of this as well.

Ignore the request to Restart or Shut Down, you will do that once you’re done everything.






The Automation tab is all I use for regular maintenance runs. No need to run it your first time, as the Cleaning tab has taken care of it for you.

Select everything as shown and Execute each one, one at a time. If you encounter long wait times with any of these procedures, consider that a good thing. It will make a big difference later. Just be patient and let the program do its thing.

Once you’re all done with these quit Onyx yourself, then shut down, reset your SMC, then PRAM, and that’s it. Onyx should be run every month or so, with the SMC / PRAM procedures perhaps twice a month at most. If Onyx loads up again at startup after all this just click Cancel and Quit because you’re all done!

Enjoy a healthy Mac!