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As a smoker who has never really settled on one brand for a long time, I’ve had the opportunity to sample a variety of Canadian tobacco brands on the market. I felt inclined to share my thoughts on a few of these brands, and I hope they provide you with some valuable buyer’s foreknowledge. I for one have had trouble finding reviews on certain brands out there and have had to simply buy a pack and see for myself. Sometimes this worked out well for me, but many times I’ve had to eat up the cost when I tried one and found it to be quite bad which led me to simply throwing the rest of the pack away. There are however quite a number of reviews done by some youtubers out there, and those can be helpful but the Canadian brands are still a minority of those being covered.

Before I begin I’d like to mention that my favourite youtube cigarette reviewer goes by the username DansCigReview.

I will add the current price (as of May 22, 2015) to each review where applicable or whenever my memory hasn’t failed me. I will then end this post by mentioning my current brand.

Obviously, all prices are in Canadian dollars and reflect buying in the city of Montreal, QC.

Price: ~13.50$
If I’m not mistaken this is the most expensive brand on the market. You do get what you pay for most of the time and with Dunhill this is no exception. It’s a top quality smoke and if you could comfortably afford them, they’d be your choice. They’ve got a nice burn length, aren’t harsh and a great tobacco taste. Lots of Virginia flavour but there is a touch of foreign leaf, likely oriental and it’s extremely subtle. Dunhill is more of an international brand and not exclusively Canadian, however it is still largely available here and I felt it warranted inclusion.

Export ‘A’
Price: 12.67$ (for Blue)
Strong smokes, even for Medium (which the Blues are). By no means a bad quality cigarette but they do have a harshness to them and have a prominent Virginia flavour combined with a slightly chemical taste. I’d say this brand will either grow on you or be too strong for you.

MacDonald Speciale
Price: ~18.25$ (for a “Duo pack” which is a 2 pack bundle)
They also sell a Duo pack of 40 King Size cigarettes (2 packs of 20) for ~14.25$. The price I listed above is for 2 packs of 25 regular sized smokes. MacDonald goes by the brand Canadian Classics outside of Quebec. These are a decent mid-range smoke. The price is quite good, especially for the quality of cigarette this is. I smoked MacDonald as my regular brand for a good stretch but in the end I grew tired of them because I knew the difference of a high quality cigarette. It’s a good brand to go to when you’re trying to save a few bucks and not sacrifice too much in quality.

Price: ~16.25$ (Duo pack: two packs of 25 King Size)
This brand’s duo pack offering is the best deal on the market right now. You’ve got the lowest price for the most cigarettes right here. That being said, these smokes are terrible. Nevertheless, these were my main brand for a decent stretch simply because I was very stubborn about my budget and would just tough it out in the interest of saving money. After a while, budget be damned, I just couldn’t take these cigarettes anymore.

Benson & Hedges
Price: ~12.40$
B&H makes a variety of cigarettes, all very good. I can’t say a bad thing about this brand. The price is on the high side so it can be hard to reach for some smokers but you won’t be disappointed in their quality. My preference in this line are the Golds.

LD (Liggett Ducat)
Price: ~6.60$
Garbage. Utter garbage. I tried one and it was so thick with a chemical taste that I threw the pack away in disgust. The only reason I tried this brand was because I read it was Japanese and thought it might be interesting. It is actually produced under license by JTI-Macdonald, so who knows if the “recipe” is Japanese or based on the Japanese LD smokes, but I do know that this was a complete waste of money. Avoid.

Craven ‘A’
I can’t remember the price well enough although it should be between 10.50$ and 12.50$, but more likely above 11$. Anyway, these are some very good smokes. You can’t go wrong. They burn nice and slow too.

Number Seven
Price: ~10.50
I wasn’t too into this brand. They weren’t terrible but they have a little more of the chemical taste in them than most others. Its quality does reflect their price however, so you won’t be disappointed by trying them.

My current brand

Size: Regular
Pack of 25
Price: 11.68$
This is a great smoke. I’m glad I switched to this brand. It uses the new DuPlus filter which is unlike any other filter in any brand on the market. I’ve read lots of complaints about them but trying them for myself I was very pleased with the overall quality of this smoke. It burns at just the right pace for me too. I think I’ll be sticking with this one for a while. It’s a few dollars more than my previous brand (MacDonald) but it is not so expensive that I’ll be breaking the bank.


I’d like to make a small comment about Regular size vs King Size cigarettes. In my opinion you’re better off buying the regular size because the filter is smaller and there are less likely to be any perforations which are now common with King Size smokes. So, with a smaller filter you get better and fuller flavour. The amount of tobacco from what I can tell is the same in each.