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As a smoker who has never really settled on one brand for a long time, I’ve had the opportunity to sample a variety of Canadian tobacco brands on the market. I felt inclined to share my thoughts on a few of these brands, and I hope they provide you with some valuable buyer’s foreknowledge. I for one have had trouble finding reviews on certain brands out there and have had to simply buy a pack and see for myself. Sometimes this worked out well for me, but many times I’ve had to eat up the cost when I tried one and found it to be quite bad which led me to simply throwing the rest of the pack away. There are however quite a number of reviews done by some youtubers out there, and those can be helpful but the Canadian brands are still a minority of those being covered.

Before I begin I’d like to mention that my favourite youtube cigarette reviewer goes by the username DansCigReview.

I will add the current price (as of May 22, 2015) to each review where applicable or whenever my memory hasn’t failed me. I will then end this post by mentioning my current brand.

Obviously, all prices are in Canadian dollars and reflect buying in the city of Montreal, QC.

Price: ~13.50$
If I’m not mistaken this is the most expensive brand on the market. You do get what you pay for most of the time and with Dunhill this is no exception. It’s a top quality smoke and if you could comfortably afford them, they’d be your choice. They’ve got a nice burn length, aren’t harsh and a great tobacco taste. Lots of Virginia flavour but there is a touch of foreign leaf, likely oriental and it’s extremely subtle. Dunhill is more of an international brand and not exclusively Canadian, however it is still largely available here and I felt it warranted inclusion.

Export ‘A’
Price: 12.67$ (for Blue)
Strong smokes, even for Medium (which the Blues are). By no means a bad quality cigarette but they do have a harshness to them and have a prominent Virginia flavour combined with a slightly chemical taste. I’d say this brand will either grow on you or be too strong for you.

MacDonald Speciale
Price: ~18.25$ (for a “Duo pack” which is a 2 pack bundle)
They also sell a Duo pack of 40 King Size cigarettes (2 packs of 20) for ~14.25$. The price I listed above is for 2 packs of 25 regular sized smokes. MacDonald goes by the brand Canadian Classics outside of Quebec. These are a decent mid-range smoke. The price is quite good, especially for the quality of cigarette this is. I smoked MacDonald as my regular brand for a good stretch but in the end I grew tired of them because I knew the difference of a high quality cigarette. It’s a good brand to go to when you’re trying to save a few bucks and not sacrifice too much in quality.

Price: ~16.25$ (Duo pack: two packs of 25 King Size)
This brand’s duo pack offering is the best deal on the market right now. You’ve got the lowest price for the most cigarettes right here. That being said, these smokes are terrible. Nevertheless, these were my main brand for a decent stretch simply because I was very stubborn about my budget and would just tough it out in the interest of saving money. After a while, budget be damned, I just couldn’t take these cigarettes anymore.

Benson & Hedges
Price: ~12.40$
B&H makes a variety of cigarettes, all very good. I can’t say a bad thing about this brand. The price is on the high side so it can be hard to reach for some smokers but you won’t be disappointed in their quality. My preference in this line are the Golds.

LD (Liggett Ducat)
Price: ~6.60$
Garbage. Utter garbage. I tried one and it was so thick with a chemical taste that I threw the pack away in disgust. The only reason I tried this brand was because I read it was Japanese and thought it might be interesting. It is actually produced under license by JTI-Macdonald, so who knows if the “recipe” is Japanese or based on the Japanese LD smokes, but I do know that this was a complete waste of money. Avoid.

Craven ‘A’
I can’t remember the price well enough although it should be between 10.50$ and 12.50$, but more likely above 11$. Anyway, these are some very good smokes. You can’t go wrong. They burn nice and slow too.

Number Seven
Price: ~10.50
I wasn’t too into this brand. They weren’t terrible but they have a little more of the chemical taste in them than most others. Its quality does reflect their price however, so you won’t be disappointed by trying them.

My current brand

Size: Regular
Pack of 25
Price: 11.68$
This is a great smoke. I’m glad I switched to this brand. It uses the new DuPlus filter which is unlike any other filter in any brand on the market. I’ve read lots of complaints about them but trying them for myself I was very pleased with the overall quality of this smoke. It burns at just the right pace for me too. I think I’ll be sticking with this one for a while. It’s a few dollars more than my previous brand (MacDonald) but it is not so expensive that I’ll be breaking the bank.


I’d like to make a small comment about Regular size vs King Size cigarettes. In my opinion you’re better off buying the regular size because the filter is smaller and there are less likely to be any perforations which are now common with King Size smokes. So, with a smaller filter you get better and fuller flavour. The amount of tobacco from what I can tell is the same in each.



mary says:

Years ago in canada i remember a cigere tte company having sold 2 or 3 in a pkg instead 20s or 25 do you know if still around since i cant find to buy

Paul says:

I can’t believe my Studio cigarettes have been changed to LD.They taste like native reservation smokes.Stay away!!!!!!!

sandra says:

i so agree they suck

Jordan says:

You should try the new LD Standards. The original LD are horrible tasting, but the new LD Standards are just as good as canadian classic and are a lot cheaper. They are solid coloured packs red , blue , grey , black ( has a new charcoal filter) they are double filtered.

SHREK says:


eagle says:

you’re mad because their smokes are a lower price, so stfu lmao

Jan says:

No, they don’t sell the tiny packs anymore. The way things are priced nowadays they would most likely cost the same as a full pack. 🙁

jimmysez says:

The gov’t pressured cig. co.’s to drop the smaller packs because
they thought young people could afford them easier.

Susan Clark says:

I remember that you used to be able to buy 5 cigarettes in a package. I do not remember the brand though.

Dave says:

I can’t figure out how to post a new comment, so I’m just replying to someone here in order to post. Great article! As a smoker, I’m pissed off that the government took the tar and nicotine levels off the labels. I want the cig with the most nicotine. Before when they were allowed to call smokes “Light” or “extra light” at least you knew approximately what strength the smokes were. Now we live in a nanny state where you can sell “light” beer but not light smokes. And I agree….Dunhill is the best, with DuMarier as a close 2nd. Too bad we get gypped in BC. Can’t buy Craven M, Mark 10, or my faves Sweet Caporals (Sweet Caps) anymore. And here, a pack of premium smokes is now $14. No wonder illegal smokes are getting big. I can buy a zip lock bag of 200 kings for $26. Wake up Canada! People will still smoke no matter what. Pricing cigs so high is driving people to black market smokes and then no tax dollars go into the kitty. Now I’m going out for a Pall Mall Bold XL. Peace….

mary says:

I think if it was dumaria blrand help j e please

Hmm, sorry never heard of any such packaging or brand!

Joke Around Jack says:

I remember the 3 packs. They came in a small blue plastic wrapper with a cardboard backing. We called them “Anchor” smokes because the package and the white cigarette rolling paper had a golden anchor on them. They cost somewhere between $1.50 and $2. I remember them being available in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Cameron says:

Last summer I bought a pack that came in an interesting box that you peeled away to reveal an orange (and maybe blue) sort of soft-top pack. I have no idea what brand they were but I would really like to find them again. Please let me know if you know of any such pack in Ontario.

Gary says:

If your talking about like a sticker type cover whoch provides a seal to preserve the smokes i think Du maurier had something as such or dunhill, (friends and people who smoke around my area generally bring smokes from other countries if not ordered online

Joshua says:

Belmonts (I smoked belmont blue kings) and when they changed their pack style they released their new design in the box you described, shortly after the box faded out of circulation tho you can still get the pack you would have seen inside, they just don’t double Box the pack anymore it was just for advertisement

Khan says:

The cigarettes in Canada taste different than they do in Pakistan. I am a student in Montreal. Does anyone know any brand that is similar to what we had back in home?

What brand did you enjoy back home? I might be able to recommend something similar.

Give Camel (Yellow) a try. Also, try Dunhill.

Khan says:

Gold Leaf (John Player) , Marlboro light. If you have never tried Gold Leaf, I may bring some with me the next time I visit. Im not sure if we can post tobacco products though

Try John Player Special (JPS) it’s a black pack with JPS written in gold.

You can post whatever you want here.

jim says:

Maybe roll up some dog shit should be about the same as Pakistani cigarettes

Dave says:

I hope you’re joking pal. No need to diss other countries smokes. Back in the day I thought Marlboro smelled like stinky socks. I grew up and learned each country has it’s own flavors and tastes. And Pakistan cigs are probably higher quality than the ones here…I hear Turkish tobacco is the best though. Camel uses a Turkish blend.

Tony S. says:

Go back home and buy them there, that is what I do.

Jo-Anne says:

Why is it becoming so difficult o find slim/super slim cigarettes in Montreal?? McDonalds super slim have been off the shelf for a few months, and now other similar brands are becoming and hard to find.

Hmm, I never went for the slims, but try Benson & Hedges slims

Peg says:

These are now in a 25 package of super slims under the name of Lumino

Matt says:

I’ve been trying to save up these last few weeks and I went from B&H to Quebec Classic Black. They are about 9$ and they are honestly fairly good. They do have that chemical side but all-in-all if you want something fairly strong with a cheap price tag try them I was surprised my self. I would of thought it would of been a big drop from B&H.

I agree, the Quebec Classics are probably on the better side of the budget brands. I have tried them some time ago, but I wouldn’t go back to that tier of cigarette.

cathy anderson says:

Why is it you can not find Quebec brands hand rolling vrands like Export-a and Du Mauier ? I live in states and my dad from Quebec so I am used to quebec brands . Does anyone know any tobacco shop thta will sell hand rolling tobacco and ship to staes

I’m not sure about shipping to outside Quebec or Canada, you might have to do some research and shop around (hint: try i’ve ordered other tobacco products from them with no problem, but they are located in Asia so shipping takes a few weeks).

However, some depanneurs with the “tabagie” attribute to them usually have Drum or Peter Jackson in a hand rolling format (a bag which costs approx. 24$).

Bjorn says:

Hi- wondering if you know what Craven ‘A’ Ultra Mild’s are still sold and what they’re called now?

Strangely I have heard that Craven A is being retired, however I am not seeing any news of that from an official source when I search for it. Craven A is made by “Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc” and I happened to have bought a pack perhaps 6 months ago.

Regardless, Ultra Mild’s if still sold would now fall under the color schemes for cigarette strength. It would go from Black (full bodied), Gold or Blue (regular/light), Red or White (light/ultra light). However with some brands, Blue means light (for example Camel Lights are blue).

So, ask where you shop to see whether they carry Craven A and choose the color would best be matched up for a light smoke.

Catfish says:

When I smoked Craven A the red was their regular strength and blue was their light, light blue was their Ultra-light. Green (obviously) was their menthol.

Chris says:

Hello , do you know the cigarette CARRERAS ??

Yes I have heard of those, aren’t those cigarillos? You should be able to find them commonly since they are a popular brand.

Antoine Parent says:

You talk about “chemical taste” of Export’A. But I’d like to advise you that canadian laws prohibit the usage of additives in the tobacco (natural or artificial). In fact, canadian cigarettes may only contain: tobacco, water, paper, paper adhesive, ink, menthol and filter material. Menthol have recently been prohibited in Québec, so I don’t know about the rest of the canadian market. Furthermore, nicotine, tar and CO2 is not add in the cigarette, it is the natural result of the combustion of tobacco. I’ve smoked Export Plain for all my life and they are natural, as all other canadian cigarette.
As a proof, you can consult this website: on with you can choose JTI market by country and see what are the ingredients of each brand.

Hi Antoine, thanks for your words. I won’t dispute your claims. But it is true that each brand has its own flavour. I am not able to say with certainty why an Export A or some other brand has that “chemical” flavour, but it is something I’ve noticed with brands in the cheaper price range, and occasionally can be found in brands around the 10$ price range ie: Export A.

I am definitely not the only person who has experienced this “chemical” taste. Taste is also subjective in many aspects, so maybe you are fine with your brand and that’s great too. Describing the flavour as “chemical” is really just the best word I and perhaps others who have described it in this way, can think of.

John says:

Is there 100s cigarette available in Canada?

Which brand?

Thank you!

Hi John. The only 100s style I am aware of here are sold by Benson & Hedges. Take care!

Doug Elliott says:

Dumaurier, vogue, and matinee all have 100mm and Pall extra.longs are the other choices

A.J says:

Where are you when getting these prices cause im in bc and i lived in ontario before and i know theres a price difference

Catfish says:

There would be a price difference between BC and Ontario: in Ontario packs are generally sold in 25s, while in BC they are sold in 20s.

A.J says:

Also how would u compare l.d’s to canadian blues a native brand if u have had the displeasure of smoking them u will know what they are

LDs are terrible. I would not recommend. Very cheap and “chemical” kind of taste. I would imagine Canadian Blue to be better, although those are still considered a budget brand so I wouldn’t say they’d be a high quality smoke. Here in quebec we don’t actually have Canadian Classic, they are called Quebec Classique here. And yeah… budget brand, budget taste!

judy says:

Lds not very cheap here in
Canada $11.48 a pack

Jilian says:

Im in ontario and I was smoking menthol and now I’m having a hard time finding something mild to switch to…any suggestions

Hi Jilian. Something mild but good would be Benson & Hedges Gold, Davidoff Classic (or Gold), you might even like Camel Lights (blue)!

Chris says:

Vogue pinks are very very mild. My dad switched to those since the menthol ban.

jimmysez says:

I posted a comment about that today. Scroll down. Cheers.

Philip Johnson says:

Hello. I’m not a cigarette smoker, however I do enjoy the aroma of the old style turkish tobacco. Are there any brands that I can buy in Canada(Toronto) that are strong like the old Camels or French cigarettes Gauloises? Thank You.

Hi Philip. Actually Gauloises are available in Canada. It’s possible they might only be available in Quebec due to the French market connection but I’d still be surprised if you couldn’t find them in Toronto.

Aside from that, unfortunately the turkish taste is not common in canadian smokes. But you might find the current Camel Filters being sold to have enough in there to satisfy you. Otherwise see if you can find Winston, or Davidoff Classic.

D-Dapper says:

Where would I find Gauloises in the Montreal area and what varieties are available?

You can find them in most depanneurs actually. There are Blue and Red, (regular and light) and there may be other varieties but I’m not sure.

D-Dapper says:

Thanks a lot Agostino!

pierrette St. Louis says:

I get LD king size in N.B. and they want over $26.00 for 2 packages

I have just been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer due to smoking. I have a year to 18 months left of life. Don’t discuss which cigarettes cost what, discuss ways of quitting so you don’t end up like me.

Sorry to hear that Heather. I hope you feel as well as possible.

Braiden Blunt says:

What are some quality cigarettes in British Columbia? I usually get rooftops or rothmans red ( I can’t seems to get rooftops anymore why is that ) and are dunhill buyable lol and are they good

Hi Braiden, yes Dunhill are a good high quality cigarette. I’d also recommend Camel Filters. Strange you can’t find rooftops there, last I heard they came out with a canadian Marlboro (called Marlboro), maybe rooftops disappeared because of this brand introduction?

Carl says:

Hey folks, I visited Canada in 1994, a beautiful country BTW. At the time I was horrified at the price of cigarettes in Canada, as I recall B&H was in the region of C$45 a carton. Coming from Australia where they were approx A$23-24 a carton. I have since quit smoking but for some reason I remain curious about pricing, brands etc. I note the average price in Canada is currently C$12-14 a pack. Currently in Australia prices for leading brand 25’s are approximately A$26!!!!!! Pricing varies slightly from state to state. The government plans to increase taxes each year until they reach A$40 a pack over the next 4 years. To think when I started smoking in 1986 B&H were A$17.99 a carton, these days a shade over A$200 a carton. Packs are all genetic now and coloured olive green and distinguishable only by name and a colour also typed to signify strength, the use of words such as mild, extra mild, Virginia, ultra mild, lights etc are now forbidden. The brand and colour are written in identical fonts with the majority of space taken up with gruesome medical pictures and information regarding quitting. If you google Australian cigarette packaging you’ll see what I mean. Just thought some of you might be curious, I know that as I smoker I really enjoyed trying different brands when I travelled overseas and I really loved smoking 🙂 but when you break it down and are paying over $1 per smoke it really makes you think. Enjoy those cheap smokes whilst you can, I never thought I see the day a carton of smokes would be over 200 bucks! The worrying thing is as more ppl quit where will the revenue come from?

Carl says:

Additionally each cigarette has no identifying name or decorative band. It merely has a number eg A506 printed below the filter. It is against the law to cover the warnings (although some people have a plastic box or cigarette case. Initially there were stickers available but I believe these have been outlawed. Cigarettes are not permitted to displayed at the point of sale and are commonly stored in drawers or “shuttered”.

Thanks for stopping by Carl 😉

Braiden Blunt says:

How are Benson and Hedges Blacks? And are parliament cigarettes available in Canada

Hi Braiden, B&H Blacks are great quality smokes, they tend to burn a little too long for my tastes, and I tend to pull lighter on my inhales and that brand needed harder pulls. But if those aspects don’t bother you then you’ll probably love the brand.

Parliament are not available in Canada.

Brody says:

Looking for luxury black by treasurer London any help would be awesome

Teesh says:

I’m picky about my smokes for some reason haha. Anyways, I smoke accord green. But I need to find something cheaper. They are about 14 a pack. Do you know of a smoke that is cheaper but similar to accord green?something smooth and light?

14$ per pack for Accord?! Wow where do you live?
Those are much cheaper here in Quebec, I wouldn’t know what brand to suggest to you in terms of price and unfortunately I don’t know what they taste like so I can’t really compare. But “smooth” and “light”, try DuMaurier.

Catfish says:

Peter Jackson Green is slightly cheaper and tastes pretty much the same.

Monika says:

Looking for something with a smooth and light flavour. What would you suggest?

jimmysez says:

It’s funny how the more expensive brands available in Canada are made in Mexico and the cheaper ones are still made in Canada. I
called one of the major tob. co.’s and they said they ship Canadian tobacco to Mexico, manufacture down there and ship them back.

jimmysez says:

Accord, Studio and Canadian used to be budget brands and as soon as they became popular, the price climbed to premium level

jimmysez says:

For menthol smokers who can’t buy their preferred flavour because of insane bureaucrats…find “oil of wintergreen” and put a dab on the tinfoil inside a pack of smokes. Close up the lid, and check on it later…the cigarettes will be infused with that familiar taste. Actually that’s how he manufacturer’s did it too The tobacco and paper weren’t flavoured.

Ehab says:

i use to smoke dunhill silver back in my country what is the cigarettes which tastes similar to it here in canada?

Julie says:

Don’t think anyone mentioned pallmalls?
they can change to menthol too (convertibles) reasonably priced but I do get abit of that American vibe, favourite smokes ever JPS gold and black. Smoking Ld lately (cheap)
sick of it!

Baz Dionysos says:

LD (Ligget Ducat) is a Russian brand. It is the top selling brand in Russia where I think it commands 50% of the market. It is also one of the top selling brands in the whole world (though mind you the Russian market is a huge chunk of the global market. 150 million people and a higher % smoke than in Western countries).

rahman says:

i smoke B&H (england made) for near about 30 yrs . i lve n toronto for 8 yrs and all the tme managed somebody to bring it from dubai or uk or turkey duty free shop .first time my stock finished .canadian which brand replaced my B&H made in england i tried NEXT ;B&H PRIME :GOLD but not satsfied and sucks a lot of money whch one best for me?

Ace8890 says:

How much are candian classics from 7/11?

Menthol Orphan says:

Since the menthol ban I have been adding a couple drops of e-juice to the cigarette filters. The problems I am having are finding a decent mild cigarette, and a legit menthol flavor. The best smokes I have found so far are Matinee Mellow, which are insanely expensive here in SK (17.50 for 25’s). And all of the e-juice I have tried marked ‘menthol’ has a mint taste… which is still better than the regular cigarettes. Any input would be appreciated.

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