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I have put together the following pieces picked from my current discography in order to provide the listener with a taste of many of my records in one efficient collection. I hope this is an interesting listening experience for you.

01 – Hi There – 13:14 (From the album Let Go Of My Shirt)
02 – Here’s The First Part – 13:30 (From the album It’s All There)
03 – I’m Not Really Evil – 09:43 (From the single release I’m Not Really Evil)
04 – Everything Bothers Me – 14:02 (From the album Let Your Light Shine)
05 – Worried About My Frequency – 10:06 (From the album Wishes)
06 – But I Doubt It – 04:12 (From the album Watch Out For Falling Skies)
07 – All My Secrets – 05:51 (From the Travelling Signals [ep])
08 – One Two Three – 19:49 (From the album Feigned Interest)

Genre: Free improvisation, guitar
Instruments: Guitar and ableton live