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I’m pleased to share with you some more discoveries well worth the listen, from the Impulsive Habitat netlabel. I’m almost through their catalog, I skipped over quite a few releases that I’m sure are good for those interested in them, but didn’t fit into my realm of interest.

Here are just a few of the new gems I’ve uncovered. Feel free to peruse their catalog yourself for anything you’d likely enjoy more than I.

  • David Prescott-Steed – Soap
  • The sound of machines grinding bones. There’s a little more to it than that, so I recommend you read the description on the site itself.
  • Filipe Cruz – Hämeentie
  • The sound of the longest street in Helsinki. I really liked the artist’s story about this recording.
  • Seth Cooke – Intercession
  • A very interesting recording compiled from various sources, those being electronic devices and their interference and signals emitted. Additionally, all devices used are in conjunction with emergency response and law enforcement purposes.
Naturally, I was inspired by all these new field recordings I have been listening to and I felt like making one of my own. I have dabbled in such recordings before, but I don’t think I’ve ever made available a pure recording without any guitar in it or even any treatment at all. My offering is a short piece, but there is a surprising amount of activity in it for such a seemingly mundane snapshot.
cover(36) (thumb)
Backyard [single] [april 18 2015]
01 – Backyard – 04:54
Genre: Field recording
This is how it sounded in my backyard today while I was out for a smoke.