I was so happy to discover a new (to me) netlabel that specializes in field recordings and also some interesting electroacoustic releases.

My main interest in the Impulsive Habitat label falls in their field recordings. You can peruse the site here. All the recordings are available for free download too by the way.

The first release that really got me excited about this label is Enrico Coniglio’s OlivElegy, a documentation of an olive oil mill near Assissi, Umbria (Italy). I just love unique and interesting recordings such as this. In my previous reviews about field recordings, I mentioned how I tend to avoid nature sounds, especially those containing rivers and oceans and the like. It’s just my personal taste. So when I come across more unique pieces, my ears hum with excitement!

I’m making my way through the rest of their releases now and will likely be spending the next day or so doing that, since they do have quite an extensive catalog. However, it probably won’t take me so long because I am skipping those releases which I know I’m not interested in. Again, all dictated by my tastes, which I happen to know well.

Take a gander at this cool netlabel, and maybe you’ll discover something interesting for yourself!