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Artist: Sorcier Des Glaces, Monarque
Title: Sorcier Des Glaces et Monarque
Type: EP
Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada (Quebec)

01. Sorcier des Glaces – Macabre Sunset over the Northland (03:49)
02. Sorcier des Glaces – A Blaze in the Northern Sky (Darkthrone cover) (04:43)
03. Sorcier des Glaces – Unholy Path to Immortality (09:39)
04. Sorcier des Glaces – The (Night) Throne (04:00)
05. Monarque – Le Feu et le Sang (06:21)
06. Monarque – Éloge de la Malveillance (07:33)
07. Monarque – Sacrifice (Bathory cover) (04:19)

A random recommendation led me to check this one out. Glad I did. I’ve tried another of SDG’s albums before but couldn’t get into it. I’m extremely picky with my black metal. Anyway, there were a couple of covers on this split EP that really caught my eye so I said what the hell.
It’s my first time hearing Monarque. Again, their Bathory cover caught my eye, and their presence is quite majestic on this release. I don’t think I’ll seek out more of either band’s music, simply because I prefer taking a dip into Black Metal occasionally, but I definitely will enjoy this particularly special record.