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As you may have noticed by the addition of a logo to my sidebar here, I have just launched a new distro and imprint and I’d like to share a few words with you about it.

My reason for doing this is basically inspiration and a nagging feeling of “Hey, me too!” after seeing it being done by others out there in the underground. As you know from this website, I’m a musician and a music lover who has always had a hand somewhere in the music scenes that have caught my attention over the years. Lately, I want to participate in this fantastic scene that is black metal.

I am starting small. I’m only offering one item for now and will take things one item at a time for the time being. The imprint side of this endeavour has yet to be fleshed out, but for now, please be kind to my new distro! I hope to be of service to patrons of true musical art out there.

The first offering I have online is: (CD) Selbstmord [2017] Radical Declaration [Darker Than Black Records, DTB 325]
You can order it from

Categories: music

Running time: 6m39s
Format: 24bit 96KHz FLAC
Release type: Single

This is probably the last output of mine for 2017. What a year it’s been!

One of these days, I’ll give you the straight truth.
But until then, try not to get in too much of a hurry.
You might not only lose your place, but miss the boat entirely.

You don’t eat seafood anyway, you say?
Well what about the dolphins and the whales?
They look great this time of day.
Putting on a show for you is what they live for!

Be happy with your race, your creed, don’t bleed for me
or be anything else to meet them face to face.

Click here to download it free from my Google Drive