In response to discussion on my posts.

Hi, so I have been pleasantly surprised to see activity on some of my posts. Also a surprise was that the activity was taking place on my posts about tobacco. So, I have written this post to first of all thank everyone who is visiting my page and asking questions. It is my pleasure to […]

My take on the Polaris Music Prize of 2016

This year, for a change, I happened to have taken a big interest in the Polaris Music Prize. I hopped on to the Short List and listened to each release. I deliberately sat out when the Long List was published because I didn’t feel like spending the time going through it all. I wasn’t motivated! […]

Double Happiness (1994)

What a gem! I can’t believe I didn’t watch this one already. I was reminded of it when watching a documentary about Canadian film in general (because I have heard of this film before, I just knew very little about it) and when I got a better idea of its story, not to mention realizing […]