black metal

An Unbelievable Surge

Single. Approx. 4 minutes FLAC 24bit 96Khz This one is a bit different. It’s basically black metal but done with electronic instruments plus my guitar of course. Due to that, it also has a dark ambient leaning. Free download FLAC (Google Drive) Look for it on streaming services over the next few days.

2 new metal releases to check out

I want to bring to your attention 2 particular metal releases from the last week that you have to hear. I’m not providing any outside links to anywhere because I am encouraging you to find your own sources 😉 Profanator’s Mvtter Vicivm Thrash metal from Mexico. Absconditus’s Kατάβασις Black metal from France.

Beyond the essential: Old school black & thrash metal

The following albums are considered by me to be the cream of the crop, above the usual “essential” collections and recommendations. It may not be an exhaustive list as I’m sure there are some more gems out there to be discovered, but this will be an awesome start for anyone interested in this genre. Death […]