This World, This Life

This World, This Life Nothing but suffering, Silent and alone, Once the cord is cut, You will fall. There is no stopping it, Nothing you can do, It’s out of your hands, You must hope they feel compelled. All that’s left is anger, But no one will hear it, No one will care. It still […]

Grill View Through

Release type: Album Format: 24bit 96Khz mono Flac 01 Grill View 15:06 02 View Through 16:35 This recording was done on a day in which I happened to receive some bad news. As always, my guitar has helped me to deal with life and it came through for me yet again here. I gave the […]


Release type: EP Format: 24bit 96Khz Mono FLAC 01 Jimmy – 0:29:01 Live one take, I play around with some effects in my DAW on the fly too. A little more experimental chord work in this one. Free download Also available on Spotify You can also find it on a number of other services. Check […]