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This post is for the metal-heads out there. Actually, you don’t have to be a full on metal-head to appreciate these bands and albums but it would certainly help if you do have an appreciation for the genre. I happen to love the characteristics of the particular sub-genre of Death Metal, so much so that sometimes I even get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear some especially good stuff. Also, the fact that this sub-genre happens to have some of the coolest album covers only adds to my level  of appreciation.

Nunslaughter – Goat (2003)
Genre: Death Metal

Oh man! I had a feeling I’d get into this gem as soon as I saw the album cover alone. This is one of those records that gave me that warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned above. There is some great riffage in here. I’d like to put a spotlight on Raid the Convent, there’s a track that made me laugh yet still made me put up those horns and testify!

Haemophagus – Atrocious (2014)
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore

I was turned on to this one recently. This band is from Palermo, Italy! (I happen to be of Sicilian descent so this fact about them delighted me.) Check these guys out, this is some seriously good stuff. I usually only give anything Grind a chance if there’s another sub-genre in the mix because well, I’m just not a real fan of pure Grind. Oh, and I can’t get over how great of an album title “Atrocious” is!
Pyrrhon – The Mother of Virtues (2014)
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Just messed up. Messed up! This one is special. It’s not your typical tech death with super complex and ultra aggressive riffs delivered at blistering speeds. It’s a little different than that and it’s difficult to describe exactly but it really is worth listening to this one! It’s still heavy as hell, make no mistake!

Some worthy mentions

Okay, so these are some very special personal faves of mine that differ in style from what I listed above. I really have to call these ones out because I feel like they deserve the attention.

Burzum – The Ways Of Yore (2014)
Endast – Thrive (2014)
The Great Sabatini – Dog Years (2014)

That’s it! I hope you discovered something cool with this post.

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Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoevsky

This book. Wow. It’s a monster. It’s a behemoth. It’s a trip into darkness, boredom, excitement, frustration. I can’t say that I loved it and I don’t think I can even say that I liked it, there were definitely many times where I hated it. There were just a few moments throughout this book where I really enjoyed what I was reading, the rest to me was what I considered to be just shy of rubbish. Blabbering. Pointless literature.

I admit that this was my first foray into Russian literature. I am not however averse or unfamiliar with challenging writing. For example I have read various 19th century literature, I’ve read Dickens too, not to mention some Honoré de Balzac. I think I had a bit of a hard time dealing with the pressure that classics can impose on a reader. What I mean by that is if you were to take epics like War and Peace, The Count of Monte Cristo or even Crime and Punishment, there seems to be a consensus out there that these books are “must reads”. You simply might look like an ignoramus or something if you dislike or even avoid reading classics such as those, at least that’s what I had in mind before delving into this book.

If there is one thing I’ve taken away from this book, one thing I’ve truly learned, it’s that I will never wonder or feel guilty about putting a book down halfway through ever again. I will never feel like I am missing out if I refuse to read a 1000 page “classic”.

I had to force myself to finish Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I don’t regret doing it because I have this blog post and this personal lesson as a result.