Taking Turns

I’d rather relay letters and forms than sounds and noises, to reach you, inform you, extend to you, my thoughts, prayers, hopes and even fears. Sometimes oddities delivered sonically are a necessity. The device calls to me and I just wish to respond to it. There isn’t anything special I’m trying to say with it. […]

Certainty is…

Certainty is no longer here to stay. Pressure to be entertainment for your lack of, or insatiable addiction to. Owing you something… In fact owing you nothing at all. Take and receive only what I feel like bestowing your way. Whether free or paid, it has no bearing on output. The higher the pay, the […]

Hot Stomach

Little bursts of happiness at the sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Quickly and unforgivingly shot back down after crossing the threshold of too much excitement. Don’t you hurry now! You must wait, and wait patiently for your turn. Your time will come. It will trickle down slowly until you have […]