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Oh they crackle! 🙂 I received my kreteks this morning from Indonesia (I love when I get things from far away!) and I just came back from trying the Professional. 1.7mg nicotine. It was my first smoke of the day and it didn’t feel as strong as I was expecting. I prepared myself for something with a real kick. Well, it did have one but it was very pleasant and it was a great reintroduction to clove cigarettes since my last experience with a Djarum Black a number of years ago.

I remember not liking the Djarum Black, but maybe I just wasn’t receptive to this style of cigarette then. I find the taste of the Professional to be simply fantastic. Clean, a great mild numbness, wonderful flavour. The burn time was not as long as I expected it to be either. It was comparable if not equal to my Benson & Hedges Black!

I was going to wait a day to try out the Signature Mild next, but I think I’ll give that one a try later today because I’m just too curious to see how those are. At only 1mg nicotine (which is the standard nic level for full bodied cigarettes anyway), it won’t be too brazen of me to go for it.

At this rate I might decide on one of the two brands and order myself a carton in the near future! I ordered these 2 packs from


Addendum: Actually the Professional left a lingering hit of heavy tar in me haha. I only noticed it maybe an hour after having it. Yeah this will definitely be an occasional smoke for me because I wouldn’t be able to handle that everyday. So I will be delaying my trying of the Signature Mild for tomorrow!


Addendum 2: So my mood dictated I try out the Signature Mild after all. A really nice kretek with a much gentler impact but still had a great full flavour. I must confess it had me thinking about the Professional instead haha and I realized that it was a better experience over all regardless of its heftyness!